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The Thomas Street Public Information Meeting for Phase II (East of 4th Avenue to the bridge) is tonight, June 26 at City Hall, from 5pm to 6:30pm. The City has also provided a packet and input form should you not be able to attend, or would like to review the plans before or after the meeting:


The following is a brief video on what happened in 2014 when many Thomas Street Residents, and residents from other parts of the city, stood up for the Thomas St. neighborhood and defeated/halted the four-lane plan despite overwhelming odds. Note that the community came together from all different backgrounds, ages, and across the political spectrum.

It also covers the unsettling reemergence of plans that could destroy a large part of the longstanding, working-class neighborhood east of 4th Avenue to the bridge (that portion of the neighborhood has successfully defended its existence, literally, for nearly 15 years, in the face of the City’s broken federal guidelines and allegations from the City Attorney that she was told to destroy the first legal opinion on TIF usage for the project (Crivello). The area in jeopardy of being taken through eminent domain and bulldozed is parts of the north side of the street east of the former SNE property to the bridge.